6 Common Misconceptions About Watersports

As watersports continue to grow in popularity, with accessible endeavours like paddleboarding and trends such as cold water swimming welcoming encouraging even more individuals to embrace the water, there develop and persist a number of misconceptions. Outside of watersport communities, it is easy for onlookers to get the wrong idea about the activity and, while much of this is harmless misinformation, some of it actively prevents individuals from joining in.

So, in the interest of welcoming an even greater number or people into the world of watersports, we’re debunking six common misconceptions.

Surfing Is For Summer

While the media image of surfing is almost always on a sunny beach, many groups and individuals choose to catch waves during the winter months too. Not only are the breaks just as reliable during the colder months but the beaches are much emptier, making it more enjoyable. Just be sure to bring along your wetsuit!

Paddleboarding Is Challenging

While there is a learning curve involved with finding balance on the water, paddleboard has grown in popularity largely because it is so open and accessible to a wide range of people. Regardless of your age or confidence, and whether you’re looking for a relaxing respite or a workout on the water, paddleboarding can be enjoyed.

Temperature In Minutes

When in the water, especially when wild swimming, you’re likely to hear that every degree of temperature is a minute in the water. While the logic behind this makes sense, suggesting that lower temperatures should only be enjoyed for a few minutes at a time, there are a wide range of circumstances that can affect comfort and safety. Therefore, you should listen to your body above all else.

Surfing Culture Is For The Lazy

This idea that surfing groups are filled with slackers has persisted since the sport’s inception. However, it is unequivocally not true and those that choose to join a local surf group or spend time by the water will soon realise that surfing is actually enjoyed by a wide range of people from all walks of life. In fact, in the rise of remote working, many professionals are basing their working hours around the tide and can often be seen catching waves during meetings.

Cold Water Is Bad For You

While there are obvious health risks related to cold water, when approached with caution, there are actually a great number of health benefits associated with even a quick dip in colder waters. This is partly why cold water swimming has become such a popular endeavour for Australians during the winter, with many seeking to improve their immune systems and invigorate their bodies.

You Must Dive Deep To Get The Experience

Many are put off from scuba diving because they believe that you must dive deep to really experience something new or exciting. While there are certainly worlds to explore lower down, with many wanting to push their exploration further, a fascinating array of aquatic life and underwater landscapes can be explored even only a few feet below the surface. So, before you write off the experience, take a class and see what opportunities await.

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