A Guide to Choosing a Family-Friendly Holiday

If you have a young family, you have special considerations when looking for the annual holiday, and the last thing you want is to spend all your time worrying about the kids. When searching online for resorts in Thailand, for example, always look for the term, ‘child-friendly’, which means they are fully geared up for young families, and such are the facilities, you won’t need to go anywhere once you check in.

Tropical Paradise

The majority of tourists want their holiday to be on or near a tropical beach, and who could blame them? One of the best locations in the south of Thailand has Phi Phi child-friendly resorts where your kids can have a great time and you and your partner won’t worry about what they are doing. Phi Phi Island is one of the most beautiful places in the world and they do have family resorts where everything the young family might need is at hand.


Let’s face it, bringing up a family is hard work and part of the annual holiday is to have some time away from the kids, and Thai people absolutely love foreign children, which is a win-win situation. The kiddies pool is always monitored, and you can be drinking a Mai Thai cocktails by the big pool, with one eye on the kids as they splash around.

Customer Reviews

When browsing a resort website, look for positive guest reviews, especially from families, as this is the best way to find out about the service in general. If many families come every year, this is a sure sign that the resort is everything it is made out to be, and reading guest reviews is a great way to rate a resort or hotel.


When looking at family holiday packages, you should always opt for all-inclusive packages, which means the kids can engage in one of the many activities at any time, plus an all-inclusive price allows you to budget correctly. Google is your best friend when looking for child-friendly resorts and a quick search will bring up a list of resort websites and you can browse to your heart’s content.

Spa Treatment

While the kids are on the water slide, you can book a relaxing massage and generally pamper yourself while your kids have fun. Recharge your batteries by indulging in luxury spa treatments, which will give you the energy to get parenting after the holiday is over, and everything is via room service, which is great.

If you take your time when searching online for child-friendly resorts, you are more likely to make an informed decision and really enjoy the holiday.

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