Conveyancer or Lawyer; What’s The Difference?

If you’ve had to deal with any legalities surrounding property before then you may have seen or heard the two words, ‘conveyancer and lawyer’ banded about but, what do they mean and, what’s the difference? Considering that some professionals refer to themselves as conveyancing lawyers it certainly complicates matters so, trying to keep it plain and simple, here’s some detail about what they do;

Who to use, a conveyancer or a lawyer?

If you are going to buy a property then you will want a lawyer or a conveyancer to help complete the process of buying your chosen premises. When you consider that a property is likely going to be the biggest purchase a person will ever make, having legal help to do so makes every bit of sense.

When it comes to lawyers and law firms they are, on the most part better qualified in a variety of different areas of law, including property transactions. Conveyancers, on the other hand only specialise in property transactions so, it all really depends upon your needs.

What do they do?

Conveyancers and property lawyers like CK Lawyers Conveyance Solicitors are the experts when it comes to buying a property, they can be with you throughout the, sometimes lengthy process, if you want. They will serve as your liaison and your advisor, sometimes well before you sign the sale and purchase agreement right up until settlement and signing off.

If you choose wisely then you should be able to get a lawyer or conveyancer that charges a flat rate fee or, a retainer so that there’s even more of a vested interest, hopefully meaning that you get an even better level of service. Depending upon your lawyer or conveyancer and the agreement that you strike with them, you should be able to decide whether or not they are there to hold your hand all the way through or, if they are happy to take a back seat for a lesser fee, dealing only with the absolutely necessary matters of law.

Make sure you get your monies worth

If you don’t understand something, ask and, ask again to be sure you’re getting it. Give them all of the paperwork, as well as copies of whatever the agent has given you. Be sure to tell your lawyer if you have any deadlines or expectations for what they will do because they may be able to make things a little easier for you. A lawyer can also advise you on what other information you should collect along the way, make sure to engage them early – before you sign any deal, do things properly and only sign on that dotted line when the legalities are deemed to be safe.


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