How Can A Person Get Personal Care Services?

Personal care services are in-home services that help a person with crucial day-to-day activities they cannot conduct on their own. These services are generally provided to a person keeping them in their room without transferring them to any assisted living or a nursing home. Are you searching for a reliable personal care agency? Then this article is for you.

What are some common instances of personal care services? 

Personal care services include Activities of Daily Living or ADLs or Instrumental Activities of Daily Life IADLs, which are a person’s most common and essential requirements so that they can live comfortably in their own home. One can take the help of a personal care agency to get the best possible individual care services. Some common instances of personal care services are:

  •       Bathing
  •       Toileting
  •       Dressing
  •       Grooming
  •       Eating and meal preparation
  •       Medication reminders
  •       Mobility

Who are the personal care assistants?

Personal care assistants are the caregivers who give personal care services. Personal care assistants can be categorized into three main types:

  •       Family Caregivers: The family members like sons, daughters, and spouses sometimes manage and provide services independently, considering the care the person requires.
  •       Private Care Providers: Private care providers are personal care attendants or home health helpers who are not correlated with any personal care agency.
  •       Personal Care Agencies: A personal care agency appoints many personal care attendants with proper licenses and adequate training.

Who is supposed to have personal care services?

Generally, personal care services are provided to the elderly, disabled persons, patients with injuries at the recovery stage or illness, or persons with chronic diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Personal care services are non-medical services that require no prescription or certification. One should work with their senior, their medical team, a personal care agency, or an attendant to assess the personal care services to give a comfortable life to the disabled person.

What are the benefits of personal care services?

Personal care services are in-home services that have a lot of advantages. They are as follows:

  •       Allows a person to stay at home:

Generally, seniors want to spend their lives in their own homes, no matter how crucial the situation is. Sometimes, they even want to get admitted to a hospital. Home is like heaven to them. That is why, by contacting the assistance of a personal care assistant to perform simple tasks, an older adult can live in their own home for years safely and comfortably.

  •       Lower Cost:

One has to spend a certain amount of money to get personal care services, but that would be less than the cost of assisted living or a nursing home.

  •       Personalized Needs:

Personal care assistants take utmost care to fulfill the requirements of their clients. These services are provided considering the condition of the patients, some may require 24×7 care, or some may require care for only one hour.

  •       Enhanced Quality of Life:

Personal care assistants help a person to enjoy life to the fullest and help them to improve their quality of life very skillfully. They are experts in making a beautiful bonding with the patient very quickly.


Those children who do not stay at home for work can easily take care of their elderly parents efficiently by employing a personal care assistant.

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