How to Find an International School Before You Relocate

If you are planning on moving abroad and Thailand is your destination, you have probably thought about education and where you will put your kids in school. Luckily, Thailand offers plenty of options from private, to public, to international. But finding the right school when you do not live in the country can be difficult. Before you pack up and head off, here are some things to consider.

Speak to Work Colleagues 

Most people move abroad because of work commitments and they usually move to countries like Thailand because they are changing their career, or they have to work on a new project for a certain period. If you are moving your family abroad and you want to find a good school, speak to other colleagues who have lived or currently live in the country.

If you are relocating to Bangkok, many expats will recommend BASIS International School and other top international schools as the best option for your children. You should trust their feedback as they understand the area better than you and they have probably done a lot of research on the subject. You do not have to only listen to their opinion, take the information they provide on board and do some research yourself.

School First 

Before you decide on a location to live, find the best school for your kids. You do not want to have a long commute in a city like Bangkok as traffic can get bad at certain times of the day. Find out about your work commute and transport options and try to balance the two so you do not run into any major issues. Nobody needs to be stuck in traffic all day on their way to work and as they do their school run.

Online Reviews

When you do not live in the country, the internet is your best source of information when choosing an international school. Use it to look for schools in your area and see what others have to say about them. You can visit their website, read online reviews, and follow their social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook, etc.

We all want what is best for our kids and when you relocate to another country, finding a good school is a top priority. If you know anyone who lives in the city or has sent kids to a specific school, get in touch with them and listen to their feedback. Use online review sites and follow the school’s social media channels.

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