How to Take a Great Photo for Your Holiday Photo Card

Having the most fabulous holiday photo card on the block should be a high priority for everybody. People see the number one thing when they get your card in their mail is the picture, not the words. That’s why you need to take an excellent photo for your Christmas or Hanukkah cards this year. So what makes good holiday photo cards?

Here are some tips on how to take a great photo for your holiday photo card:

The Right Equipment

The first thing you need is the right equipment. The camera you would use to take pictures of your pets or children won’t cut it for this shot. It would be best if you had professional quality equipment to give you the most vibrant colors and vivid images possible. The right equipment will ensure that the card you send to friends and family looks as good as possible. You don’t need an expensive, professional-grade camera, just a nice one that will give you great quality images.

You Need Natural Light

If you’re looking to take pictures of your kids or pets, then an artificial light will work just fine. For a good holiday photo card, though, you’ll need natural light. The best images are usually taken out in the sun when there’s enough ambient light to expose your subject correctly, giving you the best results and making sure that it looks like a regular outdoor shot instead of a picture inside a studio. Natural, bright lighting is the best for a holiday picture card.

You Need a Good Background

Finally, you’ll need to have a good background in your shot, which is why you need to take a photo outside rather than in your home. Even with professional equipment and lots of ambient light, getting a great shot in your home can be challenging. It would help if you as had as much contrast as possible, and that means having a simple, contrasting background like a blue sky or the white snow behind the subject of your photo is best.

Don’t Clutter the Shot

The last thing you should always remember is don’t clutter the shot. The number one problem with a lot of holiday card pictures is that they’re too cluttered. Remember, this photo will be shrunk down to a quarter or less of its regular size when it’s put on a card. If there are too many other things in the picture, it will be hard to tell what the subject of the shot is, and no one will get a good idea of who you are or what your holiday means to you.


Take a picture of your holiday photo card in the simplest way possible. The simpler you can keep it, the better your chances of getting a great photo that’s perfect for all occasions. A simple picture with great lighting and a lovely backdrop will make your card stand out among the rest.

Taking a good photo for your card is easier than you might think, even if you don’t have professional equipment or skills to take pictures. It would be best if you still tried taking some shots of your family in front of the Christmas tree or wrapped up by the fire to send to friends and family. The more holiday pictures you have, the better, even if they’re not of your perfect holiday photo card shot.

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