Mental And Physical Changes: Here’s What Happens When You Work Out

Working out is considered the best therapy, having a host of benefits. The moment you hit the gym, head out for a run, begin your yoga or Pilates session, launch into your spin class, the benefits of working out kick in. Your boy experiences changes within seconds, your heart rate increases, and all your muscles receive blood supply. You begin to burn calories and almost instantly get a mood boost. Research has proved that as little as 30 minutes of cardio, three to five days a week, can add six years to your life. Add to it some resistance training and you will also look and feel younger and have more energy apart from living longer. Below-mentioned are some of the benefits of working out that will inspire you to put your gym shoes on and get going:

As You Work Out…

Your lungs get stronger: When you do cardio, signals are sent to your brain to assist you to breathe quicker and deeper, allowing more oxygen to reach your muscles.

Your feel energized: Due to a release of endorphins, one of the biggest benefits of working out is that you feel energized and braced.

You’re burning calories: While doing cardio, your body relies on fat for fuel, therefore burning calories.

Within One Hour of Exercise…

You’re protecting yourself against flu, colds, etc: Exercise raises the levels of immunoglobins- proteins that help strengthen your immune system and keep infections at bay. Every sweat session helps boost your immune function for about 24 hours.

You feel zen: Mood-enhancing chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine flood your brain for a couple of hours after you exercise. If you have indulged in an endurance session, the results last even longer.

You’re blasting more calories, even at rest: When you exercise, your body’s capacity to burn calories increases, even when you are at rest. Your focus will increase and so will your concentration levels.

You’re hungry: When you have burned through your energy stores, your blood sugar levels drop. This depends on the duration and type of exercise that you have engaged in.

Within One Day of Exercise…

You’re adding lean muscle: If you indulged in a strength-training session, your muscles are now beginning to repair and rebuild themselves that came with lifting weights. It has been observed that women respond to and recover from resistance training, much quicker than men.

Your heart gets healthier: How your heat functions can be regulated with exercise. One sweat session can lower your blood pressure for up to 16 hours and reduce your risk of heart disease.

You’re a quick study: Your alertness and focus increase after exercise, thanks to increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

When you work out constantly for a week, your risk of diabetes goes down, your strength improves and you get slimmer while one month of consistency will make you stronger, blast that belly fat and improve your brainpower.  With so many benefits at hand, leading a sedentary lifestyle with no exercise schedule must never be the choice. So join one of the best gyms in Saket such as Fitness First, Select CITYWALK and reap all the benefits that regular exercise has to offer.

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