Skin Care Brands – The Ultimate Personality Test!

If there was ever a personality test that can give the Rorschach inkblot test, Carl Jung’s 16-type indicator test, and the highly-popular Myers Briggs test a run for their psychology money, it would be the simple act of checking out a woman’s skin care kit. You can immediately tell what their worries are by the type – or should I say strength? – of moisturizer they have, if they’re the spender or the penny pincher, and even their habits can be revealed by the number of products they own. Here are a few personality categories based on your skin care brands:

Personality #1: The Minimalist

You are the Zen master when it comes to skin care brands and products. Instead of less is more, your mantra is less is enough. Typically, your beauty products consist of the basics – cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. And most probably all are from a brand that you’re extremely familiar with and have used since you were a kid.

But what you lack in skin care brands frenzy, you make up for with your consistency. Because the beauty products in your vanity are so pared down, you tend to follow and stick to your routine like clockwork. This means that you get to experience a product’s full potential, as well as see its long term effect on your skin.

However, you should be careful about tachyphylaxis or better known as “you have used the same skin care products for so long that they have already lost their effect condition”. Experts like Dr. Jennifer Jones of the British Skin Foundation recommends switching up products every six months to avoid this condition.

Personality #2: The Save Mother Earth All Natural Chic

While other women read labels on skin care brands looking for key ingredients, you check out labels for keywords such as organic, natural, and no animal testing. Only when you find these in product labels will you then consider them worthy of a place in your environmentally-conscientious skin care routine.

And who can blame you? When there is no clear agency that’s in-charge of enforcing regulations for cosmetics and beauty products. This means that without a standard set of rules to follow, the world of skin care brands and cosmetics is the Wild Wild West. Wherein lead in lipsticks, mercury in face creams, and other nasty, stuff you don’t want to know about can be found in even the best skin care line.

To make sure which products are all certified natural and organic, you should visits sites such as the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Both websites have an extensive list of brands that pledge to be transparent about the ingredients that they use in their products.

Personality #3: The Me Versus Wrinkles Woman

For you the best product line is the one that can get rid of your skin’s archenemy – wrinkles. You’re fine spending a few extra dollars on exclusive skin care brands as long as you see results. And although your skin care products may come from an assortment of brands, all of them are bound by one goal and one goal only, which is to remove fine lines and wrinkles.

Keep in mind however, that just because different products target the same things doesn’t mean you should go ahead and create an anti-wrinkle cocktail. For example, copper peptides that are found in many anti-aging serums don’t mix well with Vitamin C which is also a common anti-aging ingredient. Such is also the case with Alpha Hydroxy Acids and retinoids/retinols which counteract each other.

Also, make sure to complement your best anti-aging products with a healthy lifestyle. You can do this with simple things such as drinking eight or more glasses of water a day, getting at least eight hours of sleep, introducing more fruits and vegetables in your diet, and regular exercise. And in terms of skin care routine, just don’t forget your basics such as removing your makeup before you sleep (did you know that one night of sleeping with your makeup is equivalent to stressing out your skin for 10 days? the horror.), moisturize daily, apply sunblock, and exfoliate at least once a week for quicker skin cell regeneration.

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