Society and Tyranny

A Republican Maine politician, Michael Thibodeau, voted against same-sex marriage underneath the declare that it “tears away in the very fabric in our society.” I recieve fed up with arguments similar to this.

What’s the “fabric” of “society?” More to the point, where do you cast election for or against “society” or its “fabric”? And just how dare a politician tell you they are speaking for “society” without anybody getting voted – because of “society” or him since it’s executive organ?

Rather, in politics, society is that this: Any excuses for smuggling within an unofficial totalitarian agenda that’s extracurricular to Constitutional law. There’s no metabolic rate for “society.” There’s no executive, legislative or judicial branch for “society.” It’s an unelected, unofficial, unchecked, unbalanced and unaccountable organ of usurpation of power – which, being each one of these things, is not to help keep it from turning tyrannical or corrupt.

And also to assume this kind of entity and claim that they can speak for it’s a vast and illegitimate power grab, in addition to a let-set for this tyranny and corruption.

It’s as with individuals who claim that they can speak for God. Nobody would dare question the one who states speak for God so he’s unelected, unchecked and unbalanced control of others. With society we have seen the very same factor. There’s no metabolic rate, no accountability with no officiality, balance or check up on society. Meaning the ability that society-mongerers wield is usurpatory, unconstitutional and illegitimate altogether.

The homosexuals are not even close to the only real individuals who come in the receiving finish of these illegitimate usurpations of power. A variety of non-homosexuals do too. Whenever we have seen someone claiming to talk for society, what we should find is someone practicing an unconstitutional power grab. This is actually the situation whatever the person’s political affiliations.

Whenever someone starts speaking for society, what we should see therefore is really a voice of tyranny and corruption. And voices of tyranny and corruption have little devote countries that usually are meant to be free. This is actually the situation for Thibodeau this is actually the situation for other people who attacks constitutional legal rights and liberties underneath the claim of speaking for society.

If societies should be made organs of power, then it should be energy that is official, accountable, checked and balanced. All of the practices should be codified because they are and exposed to accountability from inside and without in situation the practices or their enforcement violates human legal rights and constitutional liberties. Otherwise society is simply any excuses for tyranny and corruption for individuals who aim to practice may be.

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