The Negative Effects of Suppressing Your Feelings and Emotions

Emotions and feelings are common and it is normal for every human being. There is nothing wrong or weird in exposing our feelings, whatever it may be. However, when it is discouraged or disliked, we tend to suppress our feelings. We are always advised to hide and avoid our emotions but this could cost our health.

We get hurt when people we trust, break their promises, betray us, failure in relationships and for so many other reasons. Anything, big or small, can be the trigger that hurts you. To avoid any conflict or embarrassment we bury our feelings. When we bury our feelings, we react in an unusual way.

When you are hurt, let them know that you are hurt don’t bury it and let it go. Breathe a few minutes of fresh air and explain constructively what upsets you and why does it. Listen to their response. If they don’t value your feelings and instead blame you, then it is better to walk away. Learn how to let go and move on.

What happens when you bury your feelings?

Suppressing our feelings is not good for mental and physical health and it causes toxic effects in our internal system. When minds are overwhelming with emotions, there is a lot of mental stress that leads to heart disease, headache, and insomnia. Studies show that suppressing feeling cause an indefinite number of health problems.

Sometimes we need to hide our feelings for the sake of others, your loved ones, and friends. Emotions are messages from our body to keep ourselves safe. By suppressing them we are neglecting those messages can cause serious damage to our body.

When we refuse to deal with our emotions and try to hide our feelings, we push ourselves stay away from our family and friends. We never realise how we react to people and this leads to problems in relationships.

Cortisol is released when we feel stressed and holding in various emotions like, anger, sad, frustration leads to increased release of cortisol that leads to lower immunity and there is a high risk of diabetes. Moreover, cortisol spike increases heart rate and blood pressure.

You may find some other distractions that will keep you busy without giving an option of thinking about your emotions and feelings, with so many options like plunging into social media, use of alcohol or other substances to avoid emotions.

You will tell yourself that you are fine. That way you keep your friends and family away from your emotions. You develop the fear of facing people and socialising with whom you once felt comfortable. And you behave as if you are happy though everything is miserable in your life.

To improve your health and mood, you need to respond stress differently. Suppressed emotions and feelings tend to grow more inside you and you may become chronically stressed. Understand the fact that unresolved stress leads to overstress. So, learn to vent out your emotions as and when required.

Practice some exercise and incorporate a healthy diet in your daily routine. If you are worried about the stress level and wanting to find a way to come out of this, visit Wellness That Works which helps you in developing your mental, emotional and physical health.

Author Bio – Celine Healy is a speaker, writer, blogger, and a trainer on topics such as: stress reduction, wellness formulas to boost energy, leadership and corporate well-being. Celine approaches these topics from a scientific point of view. “If you can’t measure something, you will never understand it.”

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