Things to Check When You Sign a Rental Agreement

Sometimes, being able to rent something is a really useful, tools and machines are often sought-after items because of their expense and that the users only need them for a particular job or for a short amount of time. More so in recent years, mobility aids such as stair lifts have become an increasingly popular piece of rental equipment, not surprising considering their cost, but what needs checking before you sign?

Condition of the item

It’s really important that the item that is being hired is inspected by the owner and, by yourself, prior to signing anything. If possible, photos should be taken and the overall condition needs to be documented in order to prevent any disputes when the rental period has ended. If the owner thinks you have damaged the tools or machine then they might charge you a fee.

What if something goes wrong?

You should check or, negotiate a clause that covers you for any issues that might happen whilst you are renting the item. For example, if you are considering stairlift rental in Coventry then, the last thing you want is, to be responsible if the thing breaks down or, to be accused of damage that was already there before you became responsible.

Servicing and maintenance

If you are hiring a piece of machinery or tools that have moving parts and use some kind of propulsion, then it will likely need maintenance and scheduled servicing. The owner should really be responsible for both requirements, if it isn’t in the contract, then, make sure it will be before you sign.

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