Unique ideas to surprise your loved ones on their birthdays

Every person at every corner of this world has someone special in their lives. Some express their love for their beloved in a conventional manner, while some like to brainstorm to find the most quirky ways to communicate their wonderful feelings. Birthday is the right opportunity to make your sweetheart whether it’s a mom, a dad, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a brother, a sister,  a wife,  a husband, a child, a grandfather or a grandmother feel loved and cared. Spending money in throwing a lavish party or gifting the most beautiful dress or jewelry are definitely the most awesome ways to let the recipient feel special. But, you can also opt for unique, yet lovely ideas to surprise your loved ones on their birthdays.

So, here we bring top 5 unique ideas to adore your dear one on his/her birthday:

  1. Wake up the person by playing “Happy Birthday” song: The birthday excitement peeps in since morning. Then why not wake up your loved ones by playing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song? You will get to see the amazing smile on the face of your loved one. They will feel special and excited that you invested a thought about them. Seeing the glitter in their eyes and amazing expressions, you would feel immense pleasure and contentment. You can also lip sync a song to add more charm to the birthday morning celebration. You must record this whole episode to relive the lovely memories again and again.
  2. Convert the car trunk into a beautiful surprise: Birthday is the joyous occasion for your loved one. Give him/her the moment of surprise by dazzling his/her car trunk with balloons and ribbons. Get the person towards the car and ask him/her to open the car trunk. The recipient will be amazed to see the beautiful decoration and would thank you for this lovely gesture. Make this experience more beautiful by making your loved one cut the cake around this lovely decoration. And yes, don’t forget to capture this lovely moment forever! ‘Ek click toh banta hai na.’!
  3. Midnight cake delivery: Receiving yummy cake at midnight is an awesome surprise for anyone. It makes an unforgettable memory and happiness gets doubled. You can opt from a variety of birthday cakes available online at FlowerAura like – Spellbinding red velvet cake, Crunchy Kit Kat cake, Sinful Chocolate Truffle, Delectable Black Forest Treat and many more. Ordering midnight cake delivery is an easy process. Suppose, you are residing in Delhi and you want to get it delivered in Rohini. Visit – Simply choose the cake, provide the address, date and select midnight cake delivery delivery in Delhi.
  4. Cook a favorite meal for them: Pick a special food that the birthday recipient has been talking about from quite a few days. No, you don’t have to order it, instead cook the dish at home as it will add a surprise element. Your beloved would be astonished to see your deadly effort to give them immense happiness. They will definitely appreciate you from the bottom of their hearts. This will definitely strengthen the bond between both of you.
  1. Send a video of pre-recorded messages from friends and family: They say “Wishes are granted only in fairy tales”. But you can make them true by sending a video of pre-recorded wishes from friends and family. Make a list of all the friends and family who are close to the person and ask them to send you the lovely messages for the birthday recipient. Compile them and make an enchanting video. You can add lovely music in the start and end of videos. While busy compiling others’ messages, don’t forget to add yours. Communication adds spark to the relationships and makes it life-long.

Birthdays are about being innovative in expressing your love for the near and dear ones. Choose the one or more ideas discussed above and surely the recipient will appreciate your extra effort that you have put in to craft the perfect birthday present.

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