Use This Guide to Have a Successful Vegas Elopement

Every year, thousands of couples tie the knot in many Las Vegas venues. One of the main perks of eloping in the city is that there is no waiting period to get a marriage license. Thus, you make your Vegas elopement as quick and affordable as you want it to be.

This guide gives you information on how to elope in Vegas:

Getting your Marriage License

If you want to apply for a marriage license in Vegas, go to the Clark Country Marriage Bureau and bring proof of identification such as a driver’s license or social security number and a fee. You will get the license on the same day. The license application process can be done online, making it even faster.

Making Reservations

Although you can get married in Vegas without too much planning involved, you will have to call your chosen venue in advance. This is especially true if you want a package with add-ons like flowers and photography. Calling ahead is important because you will be competing with others especially on peak wedding seasons. In terms of venues, your options include gardens, deserts, and parks. Make some phone calls and compare prices to see if you can avail of extras such as hair, nails, cakes, dress, and makeup you may need for the ceremony. You can get more information on this at

Choosing Accommodations

Las Vegas is home to many places of accommodation. Some of its hotels have more romantic themes than others, making them the best places to stay when eloping in this vibrant city. You can choose to stay in casino hotels but if you want to skip the casino and party scene, you can stay in non-gambling hotels that provide luxury and lots of pampering services to people staying there.


There are a lot of restaurants in Vegas where you can celebrate your nuptials. A lot of the restaurants in the city provide romantic settings that are ideal for parties of two. Other locations offer tables big enough for holding your small bridal party.

Things to Do

Aside from getting married, there are many things you can do as newlyweds throughout the city. You can get pampered at a spa or live it up at night. Also, you can go out dancing at night clubs, enjoy cocktails at the poolside lounge, or take a limo ride up and down the strip.

A Vegas elopement will help in relieving some of the stress associated with planning a big wedding. But, when you return home, you must break the news to your family and friends, especially when you did not tell anyone before eloping.

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